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Brother and Me
The Grateful Heart | Eight Days in Provence
| Cold Spring Harbor

Brother & Me is the poignant story of Thomas Jackson, descended from slaves, and his young friend Anna Willis in 1950s Jericho and Westbury. It is a fictional "mystery story" of discovery based solidly in historical fact. Dr Velsor’s students at SUNY Old Westbury loved the book in manuscript form and encouraged her to publish it so others could read it too.

“Sheds ‘light’ on LI’s Underground Railroad . . .
a tale interwoven with truths that bind our history with hearts today.”
– Corrinne Liberty Defeo, SUNY Old Westbury 2005 Graduate

“Creates the opportunity to explore an unknown part of Long Island’s past.”
– Robert Hughes, Huntington Town Historian

“Masterful weave of fact and lore . . .
marvelously portrays the abolitionist spirit of 19th century Long Island wonderfully set within the 21st century context of historical
awareness and contemporary understanding.”
– Gene Alexander Peters, SANKOFA Exhibit Consultants;
Chief Curator African-American Slavery Artifacts

“An engaging narrative that will surely stimulate interest in
children to learn more. . . .”
– Dr. Carl Mirra, American Studies, SUNY Old Westbury

“A delightful story! Anna is an inquisitive young sleuth whose passion for family history becomes contagious and holds the reader in
suspense to the final moment. . . .
Velsor is a master at combining fictional characters and historical events.”
– Margaret Benedict, Ph.D., the Matthew Gaffney Foundation

“Illuminating portrait of Long Island history.”
– Helen Crosson, Director, Cold Spring Harbor Library

“Great to read aloud for young readers.”
– Patti Matarazzo, Elementary Librarian, Drexel Avenue School, Westbury

“To have provided insight into these interconnected perceptions
of suffering and healing, with the underlying units of patient, family and health care team viewed conceptually together, is the lasting
achievement of Candace Moose’s book . . .”
– Mario C. Deng, MD, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia

“Thank you, Candace. I can feel your love and
appreciation for the gift you received.”
– Celina Lopez, A Donor Family Member

“I am sure that many readers will feel grateful for reading of
your family’s strength and love, during your catastrophic
illness and miraculous recovery.”
– Leslie T. Cooper, MD, The Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

“The book is very humbling . . . it brings to the forefront the
emotions felt by patients, which all too often can be forgotten by
the medical staff as they strive to provide the technologically
advanced care so often required in modern medicine.”
– Alan B.Goldman, MD, FACC, St. Francis Hospital, New York

Eight Days in Provence
a moment of sensualité

“Eight Days in Provence . . .
romance can happen when you least expect it.”
- Julia Sokol, author of What Smart Women Know

“Certainly a page turner . . .” - Santa Fe

“. . . the scenery and ambiance that inspired the great artists
became just a backdrop for Jenny’s intentions to live life to
the fullest . . . It is a dance of life that is written on these pages....Jennifer Huntley is a promising author who knows
how to touch the reader in just the right way.
Eight Days in Provence is a wonderful,
memorable read that will leave you wanting more . . .
just as it should be.” - Heather Froeschl, www.Quilldipper.com

- “Huntley brings Provence to life in this enchanting journey.
I would sign up for her vacation in a minute!.”
- Anne Morgan, Book Revue, Huntington, LI

“In Provence she can be “Jenny,” the traveler so sensitive
to her environment that sights, smells, tastes, and sounds
all take on a luscious texture that crosses the line
between healing and decadence with just the right measure
of daring comfort.... This intimate, passionate first-person
narrative begs to be packed along to the beach,
sneaked into boring meetings, curled up with in your
favorite me-time spot. Treat yourself to it and
savor its provocative flavors.”
- VNW Current Reviews, Virtual North Woods

“For all women with dreams - run a hot bath, sip a glass of wine, and take great delight in this book!”
- Cold Spring Harbor

“I found Jennifer Huntley’s prose style
delightful. The story is a lovely journey.”
- Barbara Chepaitis, author of Feeding Christine

“I came away from Eight Days in Provence with a fresh sense of the
healing power of passion, and the invigorating urgency of desire.”
- Long Island

“When I began reading Eight Days in Provence I wished I’d had
an experience like this, and by the time I finished I felt as if I had....”
- Pennsylvania

“Loved the descriptions of poppies. I was already transported.
No travel agent/airline needed....” - New York City

A Journey Through the Seasons of Grief

"After my sister’s death I sought a way out of sadness but did not
find it for the longest while. My journal of rage and gratefulness,
my sustaining talks with friends, my heightened delight in the
ordinary details of my surroundings helped for the moment.
But sadness always settled in again like mist.
Then one plain day, sadness simply lifted and was gone. . . .
And so in my journey through the seasons of grief, at long last,
sadness has given way to gratefulness and understanding.
Tears still come sometimes, surprising me at being so deep and unforeseen. But I am different now, richer of mind and spirit in this my sixtieth year, wiser sometimes, more patient, more grateful. And when I slow down or take a mindful glance I am, endlessly, nourished by the small wonders of the day. Truly, all is well. I wish the same for all of us in mountain or plain, desert or forest, inland or coast,
in all our seasons." - Terry Walton October 2001

"When our hearts have been broken through loss, we are sure we shall never recover. Yet, as Terry so poignantly captures, an astonishing and totally unexpected outpouring of love from life's companions joins a compassionate consolation found in nature's simple wonders."
- Spiritual Director Margaret O'Brien, OSU

"Your vignettes are gems of light, wisdom, feelings, and life.
Thank you for sharing your vivid images, stories, remembrances,
and energy that encourages and comforts."
- Owen Youngquist, PhD, Psychologist, Bereavement Counselor
St. John's Church, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

"With tenderness and delicacy, Kindnesses exposes the raw wound
of loss to the healing light of truth and memory. Terry Walton's voice
is singular and so very attentive to the small things
that help the mourner heal.
An important and gorgeously written contribution
to the literature on loss and grieving."
- Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin, author of Being God's Partner: How to Find the Hidden Link Between Spirituality and Your Work

"We will enthusiastically add Kindnesses to our recommended reading list for patient families and volunteers."
- Priscilla Ruffin, RN, MS, CS, NPP, Director, East End Hospice

"Walton received the color proof of Kindnesses
just a few minutes after the first plane crashed into the World Trade Center. After speaking to her children and her husband, she decided to add a dedication to the September 11 families, friends, and rescuers. 'I felt that I wanted to honor them too,' she said."
- The Long Islander, October 4, 2001

"Kindnesses reminds me of Walt Whitman's touching quote,
'Every moment of light and dark is a miracle.' " JT

"Kindnesses gives gentle assistance through beautiful word-imagery
and comforting poems and phrases. It offers a place of respite
along the exhausting journey of grief." SB

"I felt my shoulders relax, and felt my heart slow down.
'All seems well.' " BT

"A cloister book, to put in a pocket on a walk." SL

"Reading Kindnesses evokes in me a feeling of peace and calm,
and thankfulness for the many small, beautiful gifts
that life offers us every day that we so easily ignore
during the rush and storm of our every day lives." DB

"I was moved to tears, thinking what it would mean to me if I lost my very precious sister. I tremble to think." BP

"Kindnesses. . . comforting, slowing me down, noticing the wonders of life that we all take for granted. The world needs more of this." JM

"I intend to give Mom a copy of your book. I know that the poem, All is Well, should be a comfort. I love it." JH

"I will give a copy to my friend who works in the Grief Center
of her church. The world should know about this book
- it is really a gem." JW

"Absolutely delightful - poignant and heartfelt and so wise." MJH

Cold Spring Harbor
Rediscovering History in Streets and Shores

"A nice little book - attractive in its wraparound color cover,
in its layout and photographs. It combines historic research
with quotes of people who were living at the time.
It's also a very nautical book - appealing to people
interested not just in this specific community,
but in the maritime history of the North Shore."
- Norman Brouwer, South Street Seaport Museum

"Creates windows on the community at various stages
in its colorful history, illuminated by stories of
individual citizens, giving a human face to the time."
- Shelley Reid, Sea History Magazine

"The excellent artwork confirms the accuracy of the text,
and the reality of history. Interesting people lived here,
and are no longer far off myth but real people with real
lives interconnected with the sea. One looks at the
village with a whole new perspective."
- Frances Elder, Resident



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