Rosalie Ink Publications also produces books - from manuscript to Quark disc supplied with all art and text elements in place - ready for printing by other publishers.

Jeremy Goes to Camp Good Grief

Authors -
by Rebecca DiSunno, Sarah Zimmerman, Priscilla Ruffin, illustrations by Karin Ralph

East End Hospice, Westhampton Beach, LI

In Brief -
An East End Hospice Bereavement Program publication, for children who have experienced the death of someone they love.

Soft cover, 4-color, 52 pages 7-1/2'' x 9-1/4'', $14.95 + tax/$2 shipping; ISBN 0-9754932-0-5

Availability - East End Hospice,
Details -

. . .
"When a child loses a family member
or friend, there is a commanding need
to respond to the loss and the child's
powerful feelings. This inspiring, tender
and heartening book does just that."

- Judith L. Alpert, PhD, New York University

Drug Free Teen - the Ultimate Guide for Parents,
Teens, Teachers & Friends

Author -
Robert S. Dinan

Publisher -
Redmen Enterprises for Drug Free Teen Ltd, Huntington, NY

In Brief -
Illustrated, categorized text with full-color reference guide designed to help students, pre-teens, and teens - as well as parents, educators, and civic organizations - learn and teach how to choose what they believe is wrong or right.

Soft cover, 64 pages, $12.95 + tax/$2 shipping, 2003

Availability - and publisher
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. . .

"As a dedicated veteran New York City cop, Rob Dinan became heartsick observing first-hand the destruction of young lives by drugs. Through this succinct, easy to understand guide, he assumes a leadership role in informing young and old how to help teens avoid such tragedy." - Chief Neil Behan, Baltimore County Police Dept., Ret.;
Chief of Patrol, NYC Police Dept., Ret.

Tales of Old Lloyd Harbor

Author -
George P. Hunt and The Village of Lloyd Harbor Book Committee

Publisher - Village of Lloyd Harbor, Lloyd Harbor, NY

In Brief - Historical accounts of a Long Island Village in archive, legend and personal recollection.

Soft Cover,104 pages/70 illustrations, $18 + tax/shipping, ISBN 0-9703146-0-4, Spring 2001

Availability -
, 631-271-1442 and publisher



. . .

"Walking through the woods gives me
a sense of wilderness that is rare
in our metropolitan lives.
Foxes still make their homes in the
woods here . . ."
- Byrd Platt







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